“For years I never raised my eyes from the floor.  I thought life had nothing more to offer. But now I have discovered that being a woman does not need to limit me, it does not mean I deserve less respect, or have less to say. Every human being has worth, and deserves an opportunity to grow.”


"Before Adelante Mujeres, when I left my kids at school, I wouldn’t even go through the building door. I knew nothing about what my children were doing in school. I knew nothing about what goes on in a school. But now, in my new life, I volunteer in the school. I know what goes on there. I even know how to speak to the principal."

- Abigail Hernandez,
Adult Education Student

Read Abigail's Story Here.


Adelante Mujeres programs create lasting long-term change in the lives of our participants and in the community. By providing participants a range of holistic programs, participants gain new tools to achieve their dreams. Your donation gives hope to women and families who have struggled. You can make the future brighter by giving a donation today.


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